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Nature Photography
Landscape and Wildlife Photography

Landscape and wildlife nature photography is for everyone with an interest in Photography.

It's intended to help beginners get started  in photography.

Experienced photographers will find useful tips and instructive articles.


"The painter draws with his eyes, not with his hands. Whatever he sees, if he sees it clear, he can put down.... Seeing clear is the important thing."

How to Photograph
the Beauty Around Us

   The Search for Quality

To craft a quality image every part of the procedure must be tuned to achieve that goal. Often it is at the postproduction stage that many good images are damaged or even ruined by a careless or uninformed photographer

Finding the Best Angle

Photography is often just catching the moment, there may not be enough time to select the best shooting angle - bird photography often depends on catching the moment.

Mute Swans fighting


Imagine a world without colour - HOW BORING!
Sometimes colour makes the image, that is one reason why a black and white photograph has to rely on other factors to capture the attention of the viewer.

The 10 Golden Rules of a Wildlife Photographer

Generally speaking, people give close attention to good quality work. A good craftsman is appreciated; his skill, creativity and professionalism exude quality. Photographing wildlife is no different...

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